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What we do

Innovative Tech solutions to match your creative ambition.


It’s no secret that we have a passion for all things Tech. We utilise the latest technology in everything we do. Our extensive experience in the industry has enabled us to create partnerships with leading brands and businesses, allowing us to be able to design, source, build and deliver a range of hardware and software solutions that just work and do what you actually want.

Reliable and cost effective Broadcast & IT Technology advice, design, and management services you can depend on.

Our Story

We know how rare it is to find a Tech company who not only understand the technical but also the creative, so we built one…


Our team have worked on familiar high profile events, in some of the most technically challenging environments. We have built production offices up snow covered mountains, on remote islands in scorching heat, and even at sea… Provided internet to places where there just isn’t any, built technical facilities for acquisition, editing and data wrangling for well known content providers and transmitted LIVE mission critical video around the world.

Our Services

Making your Tech, our problem.



As production across all creative industries become increasingly dependent on highly technical systems. We are being asked more than ever to draw on our extensive experience, knowledge, and access to cutting edge technology to make complex ideas and ambitions come to life.

Our planning and consultancy team are ready to detail your technical requirements and provide vendor agnostic practical advice and insight

  • Planning your production from development to delivery
  • Taking care of all of your production technology
  • Being the interface between the creative and technical teams

Our highly experienced team are ready to help advise on the many rapidly developing technologies, working practices and workflows that (most importantly) are relevant to you.

Whatever you need insight or advice on we can cut through the noise and detail the solutions that actually work and fit your budget.


  • Edit Solutions
  • Media Workflows
  • File Deliveries

We can review your current IT Systems and Workflows to recommend improvements, as well as help you to make sure you have the right support and solutions in place to help your business be successful.

From making sure you have a regular backup solution, to increasing the security of your business. If you are planning expansion or want to simplify your current IT systems, we can help.


  • Networking Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • IT made simple

As a content creative, your media is an expensive asset and as such should be protected and accessible at all times.

We can help with your media life cycle, from creation to distribution. Whether you are looking to invest in a Media Asset Management system (MAM), need a solution to your mountain of Lacie drives, or thinking of moving to a cloud based archiving solution, we can make it happen.

  • Media asset Management system
  • Archiving
  • Rushes and drive management

    Using cutting edge bonded cellular technology, we can send video anywhere in the world LIVE in real time.

    Whether you want to broadcast your event around the world, or remotely view your location cameras LIVE on a mobile device.

    We can get your footage out there secure and accessible. Instant ‘review and approve’ from anywhere in the world.

    • Live Video
    • Instant Review and Approve
    • From Anywhere

      Setting up offices in remote locations can be challenging to say the least. We have experience fitting offices in locations ranging from schools to the top of snowy mountains, and remote islands.

      From one computer to an office with 100 computers, printers and internet connections. Whether your requirement is national or global, whatever you need – just get in touch and we can make it work.

      • Complete office setup
      • Any location
      • Designed and tailored for your production

        We specialise in designing and delivering technical solutions to difficult and challenging projects.

        Whether you are a production company whose development team have come up with a crazy idea for a show, need internet in a hostile or remote location, or want to transmit LIVE video around the world, we can make it happen.

        • Bespoke Solutions
        • Internet anywhere
        • Live viewing

          We design and build video and audio editing facilities of any scale on a temporary or permanent basis, using industry leading NLE platforms.

          We can give you the flexibility to hire the editors and producers of your choice wherever they live, not just in the country, but around the world, with our remote editing solutions.

          • Edit Suites
          • Remote Editing
          • NLE Platforms

            Our team design and install highly technical systems, from multi camera 4K television studios, to temporary large scale production offices in the mountains.

            Live streaming, bespoke solutions, workflow design, technical infrastructure, data wrangling, fibre connectivity, edit facilities, backup systems. Anything technical you can dream up, we will design the solution.

            • Wrangling
            • Data Management
            • Workflow Design
              Managed Services

              Mobile devices have become indispensable, especially when working away from home. We have partnered with several global mobile device providers, which allows us to offer very flexible packages to our clients.

              We manage the device lifecycle whist tailoring the technology to work for you.

              • MMS
              • Remotely Managed
              • Made Simple

                We know that technology hire can be stressful. Knowing what to get, and whether you are getting it at a fair price.

                Having loaned technology for multiple clients, we can advise you exactly what you need for your requirements so that you have the right kit at the right cost.

                We can provide everything from mobiles to edit suites, so you only need to come to one single provider.

                • Laptops
                • Mobile Phones
                • Printers

                  Our UK-based support team provides a fully managed helpdesk solution for your business, and we pride ourselves on our personal level of service, fast responses, and extensive knowledge of all things tech.

                  Whether you need us remotely or onsite, we can be available 24/7/365 to eliminate all technical headaches, cutting through the noise.

                  • Managed IT Helpdesk
                  • Out of Hours 24/7 (Optional)
                  • Specifically tailored to your business

                    Our work

                    Our passion.


                    Some of the shows that members of our team have worked on and built Tech solutions for…

                    Meet the team

                    Senior Leadership Team


                    Our specialty is custom-made solutions for how you work, create, and grow. We think this is important, because at the end of the day, Technology is about people, not computers.

                    Jordan Airzee

                    Jordan Airzee

                    Managing Director

                    About Jordan

                    Bringing over 10 years of extensive experience in technology services and consulting, Jordan has a proven track record in supporting large-scale TV productions and delivering high-quality results. His background encompasses broadcast production, video transmission, technical planning, IT management, digital media, and emerging technologies. Throughout his career, he has built a strong reputation for successfully creating tech solutions and implementing them for some of the biggest shows in the world.

                    From running the internal IT and technology services team to setting up production offices in challenging locations across the globe, Jordan has spent his last 10 years honing his craft at Twofour. He plays a critical role in creating, implementing, and supporting technical solutions and services – whilst working collaboratively with the production, post engineering, and operations teams across different businesses. Among many of his works include “The Jump”, a TV series that followed celebrities as they mastered various winter sports including skeleton, bobsleigh, snowskates, ski cross, and giant slalom.

                    Olly O'Reilly

                    Olly O'Reilly

                    Business Director

                    About Olly

                    Olly has a passion for all things Tech and solving problems, he has built up a wealth of knowledge and skills for making Tech solutions for some of the best-known TV Shows and creative agencies. Olly has spent the last few years building technical solutions all around the world, in some really challenging environments. Among many of his works includes the past few series of Ibiza Weekender, where he has been the key technical contact on location throughout the duration of filming – including building and supporting the Tech for the production and gallery teams.

                    Olly prides himself of coming up with unique and tailored solutions in order to make creative visions come to fruition, and that add a competitive edge over other businesses in the industry. has experience in acting as an interface between the technology services team, and the production and post production teams across businesses. This enables him to translate the jargon and keep projects on track and within budget, which is even more important in the digital world that we live in today. Let him worry about all things technical, so you don’t have to. 

                    Paul Crowe

                    Paul Crowe

                    Technical Director

                    About Paul

                    With over 25 years experience in the Broadcast Industry, providing technical services and solutions to, broadcasters, technical facilities, OBs, post production houses, production companies, agencies & educational facilities.

                    Paul loves to make things work.

                    ​-Well organized with ability to multi-task and prioritise.
                    -Strong troubleshooting skills.
                    -Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
                    -Attention to detail and proven record of delivering quality results.
                    -Highly driven and motivated within dynamically changing environments.

                    ​Paul has spent the majority of 2020 and early 2021 designing and installing cloud and hybrid remote edit and production systems, on multiple platforms. Then headed off to Tokyo for the delayed Tokyo2020 Olympics, where he was Supervising in the Technical Operations Centre (TOC). 

                    Please get in touch if need help with ‘ANYTHING TV and TECHNICAL‘.

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